An even pedal stroke, correct power output,
muscles in balance and pedalling are terms
of cycling phisiology which produce the
greatest efficiency.
The mechanics of the bike fit are typically stressed over
all else.  Seat height, fore and aft of seat, length of top
tube and crank length all come together to create the
detail mechanical piece involved in fit.  
The requirements for a good fit of rider and bicycle depend on what you, the rider, is
trying to accomplish by riding a bicycle. As the time spent riding, the length of your
rides, and the speed of your riding increase, the requirements get more and more
demanding and precise. If you ride mainly for social reasons, the optimum fit for you
will vary dramatically, according to WHO you want to ride with - the kids, or the folks
on group rides, or racers on their training rides.  If you ride to test the limits of your
mental and physical abilities, your biomechanical efficiency is critical. Bike fit
determines whether you can develop optimum biomechanical efficiency.  If you ride
for recreation or other personal satisfaction, an appropriate custom fit allows you to
pursue your passions longer, farther, faster, and with fewer aches
Bike fit involves many detailed and sometimes complicated ideas.  
One aspect which is certain is the need for a cyclist to have a solid
foundation of fitness and flexiblility. A crucial element to a proper fit is
taking into account past, present and even thoughts of future fitness
bases and foundations.  

Doing fit after fit we began to notice how much of a challenge it was to get people to recognize the three phases. It soon
became evident that the people who benefited the most were those that realized that they need to concentrate on all

What people do not realize is that they can spend $500 on a bicycle fit, where measurements are taken down to the exact
millimeter, and they will be just as uncomfortable and inefficient as they had been.  Over 20 years has passed from the
time we did our first bicycle fit,  we can only take so many precise measurements.  What we can do is give you a road map
towards becoming comfortable, towards becoming more fit; it  boils down to a person choosing to make an effort at
becoming fit, taking time adapting their position on the bicycle and finally working on correct bicycle bio-mechanics.

There are many people in the bicycle industry who have developed bicycle fit systems, and we have read most of them.  Most of them
make sense and have a common theme.  But there is one glaring weakness to these systems; they only focus on the mechanical issues
(ie. seat height, fore & aft, reach, drop, etc.) associated with bicycle fit.  The CycleFASS fit goes much deeper than that.  The chart
above outlines our philosophy of fit and gives you a table of contents as to what is involved.
Bicycle Fit & Fitness
Bicycle fit is the genesis for the CycleFASS system.  Wecame to the realization that
after years and years of bicycle fit, people were still not reaching their goals. They
may be on the bicycle, but they were still uncomfortable, overweight, just not happy.
  This is where we soon figured out that fit alone will not help people achieve that
healthy lifestyle they are looking for.  I came to the conclusion that what people
need is a
comprehensive system, detailing the exact phases of fitness and bicycle
fit.  Working together in a system which emphasizes base fitness, strength,
flexiblity, nutrition, mechanical issues, bio-mechanical technique issues on the
bike, my system has been a successful starting point for the beginner and has
even been a launching point for the successful elite athlete.  Whether looking for
general fitness or for the ability to finish that distance charity ride, this system is
perfect and will work for you.
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